How do I get started?

Ninjatrader has a website that walks you through getting started: https://ninjatrader.com/New-Account-Steps

We recommend starting by setting up your brokerage account, because that can take the longest:

The next step is to go here:

Once your brokerage account is funded please do the following:

Once your all set up with Ninjatrader, broker, and data you are ready to install Otterbot and let the algorithm get to work!

What are the system requirements?

Windows operating system (or access via VPS) and reliable uninterrupted internet connection. Always make sure you are running the most current version of Ninjatrader by going here: https://ninjatrader.com/PlatformDirect

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What do you mean when you say completely automated?

We are completely otter-mated. With the click of a button the Otterbot makes trades with a built in risk management system. There are also daily limits and will stop trading for the rest of the day after either upper or lower limits are hit. The user will have to turn it on the next day to activate the bot again as a safety feature.

What is the difference between RTY1 and RTY2?

Futures trade based on the number of contracts per instrument. RTY2 simply trades two contracts per trade instead of one contract. We have custom solutions for active users interested in trading more than 2 contracts. The number at the end is a multiplier to the number of contracts your Otterbot is trading and therefore all other variables are multiplied as well. This includes risk, reward, and required margin.

What if I want to purchase both products?

You can only run one Otterbot per trading vehicle (instrument). OtterbotRTY trades RTY futures, however we can create custom solutions to meet individual needs. Over the next two years we will release Otterbot for other instruments like the NQ and ES. Current users will benefit from exclusive pricing on new releases.

Why do I have different results than another user?

The market is generally unpredictable. Activating the Otterbot at different times will result in different trades than another user who turns it on at another time.

My connection was lost, what happened?

If your computer goes to sleep or you lose internet, this will disrupt your connection to live market data and may result in an error message. For Otterbot to continue trading, user will have to accept the error message and re-activate their Otterbot.

Why am I not getting data?

Use this link to sign up for live market data. This will also require a live trading username with NinjaTrader and a funded brokerage account. If you have already gone through those steps, contact support by sending a message to brokeragesupport@ninjatrader.com.

How can I learn the basics on using NinjaTrader?

Your bot will work otter-matically, but if you need help navigating NinjaTrader you can schedule a screen share session with our team using the Calendly link on our website and social media.

Or you can check out the New User Video Guides for a quick and easy resource.

I have an old computer, can I use it with Otterbot?

Your PC must meet the minimum requirements listed below to run NinjaTrader 8.

  • Windows 8.1, Windows 10, Windows 11, Windows Server 2012 or later

  • 1 gigahertz (GHz) or faster 32-bit or 64-bit processor

  • 2GB RAM

For an in-depth look at the minimum system requirements please click here.

I have money in my account. Why can’t I trade?

Depending on which instrument you are trying to trade on there is something called an Intraday Margin. This margin is the absolute minimum you must have in your account before you can make a trade. The lowest on the ES and RTY is $500 while the margin for the NQ is $1,000. This can also be as little as $50 for the micro markets such as the M2K and the MES.

The full margin requirement list can be found here.

Why is my account slightly lower each day after I trade?

NinjaTrader8 has a commission fee for each trade that you make. The commission fee varies on the kind of license you have and what instrument you are using.

The full list of commissions can be found here.